The Evolution of Dewey & WebDewey

The Evolution of Dewey & WebDewey
The Future is Now
Brief “Digital” Dewey History
DOS (Electronic Dewey)
Windows (Dewey for Windows)
Web (WebDewey)
1993 – Electronic Dewey
Unveiled at Midwinter 1993
DDC 20
MS DOS CD-ROM product
Keyboard commands
Screen displays very different from print Dewey
Limited local notes capability
Hard to “window” in a DOS environment
Hard to update
More of a cataloging curiosity than a cataloging tool
1996 – Dewey for Windows
DDC 21
Windows CD-ROM product
Mouse friendly – select windows, scroll, drag & drop, expand/minimize windows
Screen displays include “Show Page” view
Local notes capability
All documentation online
Hard to update
Becoming a cataloging tool
2000 – WebDewey
DDC 21
Subscription Web product (available through CORC)
Internet connection & mouse needed
Screen displays show hierarchical structure of numbers
No local notes
Much improved online help
Browser environment– lots of windows!
Kept up-to-date by OCLC/Forest Press
Cataloging power tool!
Favorite Features in 2001
Separate Browse and Search screens
Boolean searching
Hierarchical display of numbers
Hypertext links
Dewey class numbers
LCSH authority records
Buttons for Tables, Browse, Notes, Terms, & a new search box always visible
Updated by OCLC/Forest Press
Wish List from 2001
Search history button
Option to revise a Boolean search
Link to OPAC
Work area (for building numbers)
Larger timer; maybe flashing when time down to 5 minutes
Local notes, local notes, local notes!
More built numbers
Links back to older editions, especially when numbers are discontinued
Wishes Granted J
Search history button J
Revise Boolean searches J
Link to OPAC J
Work area J
Timer flashes when time remaining is down to 5 minutes J
Local notes!! J
More built numbers J
Links back to discontinued numbers in older editions L

Cool Stuff I Wish I’d Wished For…
Logon saved in a cookie
Related links
Quick tips (on the Search screen)
Launch WebDewey from Connexion Client
Really long WebDewey session (2 hrs. vs. 40 min. from within Connexion Browser session)
Collapsible hierarchy & other user preferences
Improved mappings:
Subject headings for children
SM – Statistical Mappings
PPT (People Places & Things) mappings
EM – Editorial mappings – most authoritative

For 2006– Challenge Dewey to…
Provide more frequent updating (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly?)
Incorporate the Dewey Blog
Provide a link to the Dewey Blog on opening screen
Link numbers in Blog discussions to WebDewey
Integrate local notes with schedules & tables
Link back to older editions for discontinued numbers (I don’t like the Excel spreadsheet)
Provide links to Relative Index terms
Allow more user feedback:
Contributions of built numbers
Tagging/Folksonomies for Relative Index term suggestions
Direct line to EPC members
Add Dewey class numbers to LCSH authority records
The Future is Now…
Collaborative nature of the Web
Consider changing WebDewey’s name?

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