WordPress vs Blogger – Which One Is The Best?

There are lots of blogging platforms available these days. But the most popular are WordPress and the Blogger or Blogspot. Fans of them support their favorite blogging platform but which blogging platform is better? Well, this question is circulating since a long time and everyone is having their own views. Both of them are having their own different features which scores over on each other. Also, deciding that which blogging platform is the best depends on your requirements too.

Here is an infographic which compares the features of the WordPress and Blogger to give you an idea that which one is the best for your needs. If you are a professional blogger then, in my opinion, WordPress is better but if you are a casual blogger then, Blogger would be the best. Have a look at this blogging platform infographic and decide by yourself that which one is better for you.

P.S : This infographic is a bit old, so few of the features which are shown not available in Blogger are actually available in Blogger now.

Wordpress vs Blogger - Which One Is The Best? (Infographic)

[Via: anilkmishra ]

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