Anna Hazare’s official Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts

“Anna Hazare”, one of the most trending and discussed topic of 2011 is going to be more interesting now as the Famous man himself joined the most popular social networking website Facebook and micro-blogging site Twitter. He also launched two of his blogs on blogger and wordpress each in order to reach as many Indians as possible and to stop any rumor spreading about him on internet.

“My voice has already reached the people through print and electronic media, and now, I shall try to get comfortable with Twitter and Facebook too. My blog shall be used for my official stand on various issues, and no one can publish on the blog without my permission.” says Anna.

Currently the blogs and social networking account will be maintained by Vijay Kuvlekar, chief information officer, Pune, and Raju Parulekar, a journalist. They are going to update the blog with latest news related to Anna and updates from him but everything will be published with the permission of Anna Hazare only.
The content on his blog is available in three languages, i.e. English, Hindi and Marathi. The twitter and the Facebook accounts are still not fully operational and having just 2-3 updates.
Official links:

Anna Hazare’s official blogs:

Anna Hazare on Facebook:

Anna Hazare Says

Anna Hazare on Twitter:

Source: NDTV

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