3M Cloud Library eBook Lending Service



After several months of beta testing, 3M has launched the 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending Service. It is available to patrons at beta locations across the USA and will be available at ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim to share the Cloud Library system with those beyond the beta sites and early adopters. The ebook solution includes a comprehensive subscription for both digital content and in-library hardware, along with apps for borrowing and reading. Patrons can browse the digital bookshelf and select, check out, and read ebooks via the internet or by using 3M Discovery Terminal download stations in their library. The ebooks are compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, Nooks, Androids, and 3M eReaders. Titles from publishers that include Random House and IPG will be distributed via the 3M Cloud Library.

One comment on “3M Cloud Library eBook Lending Service

  1. its very good b very honest i really wish to be adopt this feild that’s y i completed my M.lib but later whenever i went 2enter in this feild so everyone asked …..do u have experience?I think the desireness is more imp than experience,I am having experience but I wish to learn lots of things in this library feild but unfortunately I couldn’t done what I wish to do and In our India the major drawback is either to know any highly approach or having money but with these important mails I am happy that I get know somthing in my desire feild.


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