LIS UGC NET Questions and Answers June 2012

1. Roget Thesaurus is Classified manner
2. TCP/IP is a Internet Protocol
3. In AACR2 Part A section 12 deals with Serials Publication.
4. In Key word Indexing Author keyword Index is WADEX
5. Odd one in ANSI, BIS, BSI, ESPN
6. Internet acting as a-.

7. BIOS is a booting software
8. Scale and projections are seen in Geographical Sources
9. Segmentation associated with Information marketing
10. Stop word list used in Automated keyword Indexing
11. Relation between two subject is Phase relation
12. Redundancy in information is Unwanted source should be eliminated \
13. Internet filtering is a internet Censorship
14. Information network for Universities and colleges in UK is JANET
15. Shodhaganga is E-thesis repositories

16. First university started a M Phil program IS Delhi University
17. Head Quters  of ISLIC located at Kolkatta
18. “Minmal, Middling And Maximum theories given by Samuel Rothestein
19. Coden used In Serials
20.Calculation of Impact factor by Web of Knowledge and Scopus
21. Science citation index was published by Thomson Reuters
22. WIPO is Unites Nations organizations
23. Information literacy term coined by P. Zurkonski(1974)
24. Information Power Published By………..
25. Bulletin board Service in Internet is Blog
26. Scalar Chain Means Authority Structure
27. Students influenced by internt here Student is a dependent Variable
28. RFID used in Circulation and Security
29. Brown charging system easy to handle and recordable
30. Information explosion and cost makes resource sharing.
31. Square bracet []used in AACR2 for other external sources
32. Vidyanidhi is a Institutional repository
33. Xerography also called..Electrophotography
34. Solomon Four group design is Pretest posttest control group design
35. Blair and Moron model for Stairs project
36. Ideographic hypothesis means Individual
37. Who has published the book entitled ” Information Power: Building Partnership for Learning”?
     American Association of School Librarians[AASL]
38. Heart  and Soul of Indian Constitution?
      Right to Constitutional Remedies
39. Inference Engine is available in?
      Expert System
40. The protocol used to transfer file from one system to anther system is? 
       File Tansfer Protocol(FTP)
41. In 1974, Zurkowski has given which term?
      Information Literacy
42. For what purpose, Solomon Four Group Design is used?
      Quantitative Analysis i.e. data analysis

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