5 Best Free Tools and Resources to Create Infographics

Here is a great list of free tools that you can use to create your Infographics. Some of them do require that you sign up for an account, and others will not give you full functionality without paying. However, as both a starting point and a long-term tool, these five are worth your time. The list is in no particular order, as each tool does different things. The tools are popular and are from websites that are well maintained and are currently trusted by the online community at large.


 1 – Analog

You can edit your photos with this tool. It does a lot of the work for you so that you do not need to spend hours fixing and adjusting pictures. It is especially good if you need to alter a lot of pictures for your infographic. You should also remember that most of your infographic images are only going to be small, so the blemishes and faults that appear on bigger pictures are not going to be as obvious when they are on your infographic. You can customize your images by adding borders and filters to them. There are sixteen borders and twenty-four filters for you to play with.

2 – Kuler

This is a good tool for customizing the colors on your infographic. They are good for finding the color scheme you want to use, because it is full of inspiration to help you. You are able to look through the existing palettes created by the tool, or you can even type in keywords and see what comes up. You can create and upload your own color schemes too if you are feeling creative. The tool also comes with an illustrator function, a Photoshop function and InDesign function. You can browse and download any swatches you require so that you do not need to leave your project as you are creating it.

3 – What The Font

As the name suggests this tool helps you to figure out which font you should use. It is not a big deal until you start putting your information on the infographic and realize how boxy and bland it looks. This tool has lots of fonts to the point where you can upload an image of the font that you want, and it will identify give you the font (or its closest approximation). It often presents you with a number of fonts that match the image of the font that you uploaded. The app is good for choosing fonts, and ideal if you would like to copy the font style crated by someone else.

4 – Visual.ly

This is a good tool if you are looking for a bit of inspiration. It is host to hundreds and hundreds of infographics. It is a website that is packed full of info graphics that other people have uploaded onto the site. There is a big range that comes from different people wishing to show off their design skills. You can browse the infographic by topic to find the ones you like, and you can even upload your own designs too. If you are looking to show your designs off to clients then you could do worse than to upload a few infographics onto the website and link to it.

5 – Dafont

This is a very big collection of downloadable fonts that you can obtain from their online library. You are able to browse them at your leisure by going down the alphabetic list, or you can look up fonts via a keyword system. The database is expanding all the time, so it is unlikely that you will not find the font you need. It is more a case of navigating to it and picking one that suits your infographic. Some people pick fonts at random and apply them temporarily to their infographics in order to see if they get lucky with a style.